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Starboard Profile of H.M.S. Victory

Nelson's flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar, as seen in the profile and cut-away sections below:

Ordinance / Armament

Two 12-pounders on the Forecastle
Two 68-pounder carronades (total weight: 3 tons)
Twelve 12-pounder cannons on the Quarter deck
Thirty 12-pounder cannons on the Upper Gun Deck (total weight: 52 tons)
Twenty eight 24-pounder cannons on Middle Gun Deck (total weight 70 tons)
Thirty 32-pounder cannons on the Lower Gun Deck (total weight 84 tons)

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1st rate, 104 guns, Ship of the Line. Built to the designs of Thomas Slade, Senior Surveyor to the Royal Navy. Keel laid in old Single Dock, Chatham, 23rd July, 1759. Launched 7th May, 1765. Commissioned 1778.

Principle dimensions
Length, figurehead to taffrail 226 ft, 6 in.
Length of keel 152 ft. 3in.
Length of gun deck 186 ft.
Extreme beam 51 ft. 10 in.
Depth of hold 21 ft. 6 in.
Tonnage 2,162 tons.

The three masts - fore, main and mizzen - tower above the deck and rise respectively 182, 205 and 152 ft. from the level of the dockside.

Original cost 57,748
Compliment at Trafalgar 850 officers and men.


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